Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Sammy - The Cardio-Trainer

This is Sammy, my new dog. He is part Dalmatian, part Rhodesian Ridge Back and part mutt. I recently rescued him from the Honolulu Humane Society and I couldn't be happier. While he is very energetic and keeps me moving (usually to keep him from chewing on everything) he is not very smart and only partially house broken. There have been "accidents" in that last area. He reminds me a lot of that dog in the movie "Over The Hedge", "Plaaay?". Over all I couldn't be happier, he is a very loving dog and has taken to his new home with zeal.

Later today I will be taking Sammy for his first distance run. We got him two weeks ago tomorrow and we have been giving him time to integrate into the house and neighborhood. Taking him for walks has given him time to get used to the sights and smells of our area so when I do take him for a run, it won't be such an "exploration" and we can just go run. That's the plan anyway.

I think a short run, only two or two and a half miles will be a good first run that I can use to gauge his fitness level and see if this will be a regular thing or not. I hope so, because I do enjoy running. When I get off my bum and do it I enjoy it. The hardest part is getting going, once I start I have a really good time.

Lately however, I have had a lot of demands on my time that have been getting in the way. I got a new dog, my grandmother pasted away, I recently returned from Afghanistan, my son is home from college, my wife is kind of glad I am home from Afghanistan, I have started to blog again and I have started to plant a garden. Busy busy busy.

Now that things are starting to settle down a bit it is time to start working out on a regular basis again. I find its better to workout with someone there to help motivate you. I hope Sammy can run, because he sure can sprint. I am not expecting great run times on this first run, since I am sure he has never run for distance before. I would like to say I will go easy on him, but I think he will wear me out before I can wear him out.

Hopefully later today I will post the results of the run. Until then, I have stuff to get done.

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