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 About Chris Lyons

    This page is all about me. I suppose I should have some basic information about myself, like that I was born and raised in the Pacific Northwest of the United States, I am the youngest of seven children and that I grew up less than financially advantaged. That's a nice way of saying my family was broke.

    I quit school during my freshman year of high school in favor of a job in an ice factory. Making ice was a less than ideal employment, but it was my first job that withheld taxes and I still have some rather fond memories of that time.

    Since then I have had a rather winding road through life, with each stage being completely different than the last. The life of a laborer is nothing like the life of a truck diver, which in turn is nothing like the life of a soldier.

    I have gone back to school many times, and yes I have my GED, but I am also nearly half-way to my bachelors degree. I have been to both Iraq and Afghanistan, and a few other countries in between. I have met some very amazing people in my travels as well as witnessing the brutality and horrors of war. I will not say that these experiences have not affected me, but they have made me who I am today, and I rather like who I am.

    At this stage in my life I am a Father, a Husband, a Mentor, a Leader and so much more. The one thing I am not is an island. None of my success would have been possible or had any meaning without the support of my wife and son. It is to them I owe everything, for without them I would not have striven so hard for the measure of success that I have found thus far.