Monday, April 20, 2015

Post-PC Day 2

My laptop has been shut down since the start of day 1 of this little experiment of mine. So far, there have been a few changes. Some were expected, and others not so much.

The first change I noticed is that I spend a lot less time “at the computer”. I don’t mean that I have switched my time from computer to my iPhone. I actually spend less time online. My dog seems to like this a lot.

Another change I noticed, even when I am not online, and I need a “real” keyboard, I don’t sit at my desk. I sit at the dining room table with my Bluetooth Keyboard and my phone. My entire work flow, including what I think of as “work space” is changing. A complete lack of wires and much much smaller hardware allows me to work just about anywhere in the house. Its a strangely liberating experience in that I no longer feel bound to any one place to get things done.

This part I was not prepared for. Yes, having a laptop meant that I could work anywhere, for a while. When I do actual work, I tend to do a lot of it. Diving in with complete focus and making the most of every minute. This aggravates my wife to no end as I tend to tune out everything around me.

You see, when I am on the laptop, I am also listening to music, doing the whole email thing, multiple browsers open, more than a few documents and usually at least two spreadsheets are all open at the same time. I am <gasp> multitasking. The iPhone doesn’t handle that real well, and as it turns out, its a good thing.

By keeping my apps smallish (mobile version) and taking the time to find new ways to do things I have discovered that I can get more done in less time by concentrating on one task at a time. Although I still listen to music while working. That will probably never stop. I love music and Apple does music very very well. It really is a great fit.

Then the laptop battery would get low and I would scramble for an outlet after only a few hours. All this while the hot aluminum shell got (sometimes uncomfortably) warm on my legs. With my iPhone, I not only get all day battery life, I get it for days. I recharge my phone every night starting around eleven p.m., where it usually is still around 75% charged. I have gone two and half days with out charging just to see how long it would take.

For now at least, I am loving the Post-PC experiment I have set out for myself. I still haven’t figured out all the answers, but I see a lot of potential in this new workflow. Only five more days to go before I end this experiment. Only time will tell.

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