Sunday, April 19, 2015

Post PC - Day 1

    So, today I start something I never really thought I would actually get to try, Post-PC. I will spend a week without using my computer. I will use my iPhone and that's really about it. I should point out, at work, I am required to use a Windows PC on a closed network. It's my Job and there is just no getting around that.

    What I can do is keep the two completely separate. This is actually fairly easy, since my work computer is on a closed network with it's own email system.

    So what will change? For one thing, I love shooting video, including with my SJCam (GoPro clone). I will need to find a way to get those videos off of the SD Card and on to my phone, without using a PC. Of course, all this would be easier with an Android Phone, sort of. Yes I could access the SD Card on some Android models, but then what? Even that doesn't answer the "how" to get the videos off of teh card. Yes, I can delete them, and eventually I will.

    I have quite a number of storage solutions around the house (a myriad of SD Cards, thumb drives, hard drives and the like) but they all depend on one common element, a PC. At this point, I would be open to suggestions or ideas.

    Someone else may have spent weeks, or even months planning such a transition. Me? I tend to just jump right in and see what happenes. This should go ... well. 

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