Friday, July 27, 2012

Safari ... has gotten fat ...

    Safari 6 from apple is faster than 5, mostly. It still hangs on some Google pages for some reason with a rainbow beach ball for a few seconds. Overall I can't really see any major improvements. Don't get me wrong, I am sure they are there. There is just this massive glaring issue that is keeping me from seeing anything else. 

    The new bloated Tab Bar. Unfortunately there is no way we as mortals can change it back to the good old "fixed with" that we all have come to know and love. Apple Inc. actually tried this once before, but eventually gave in to user demands. 

    So the real question is, "Who let the good idea fairy into the room, and why didn't anyone kill it before it infected everyone?".

    To some people this is really a non-issue. Mainly because they use other web browsers. I use Safari. Why? Because it works for work. Most of the time. Sorta of. Ok, ok, its really because I haven't setup FireFox to use my USB security device for work. 

    I think its time I revisit that decision. Only because I have now found software that will allow FireFox to work with said security device. Sure Chrome works well enough, except when it fails to load a page correctly, or randomly crashes. 

    Unless something happens in the meantime, my next write up will be about using osX, FireFox, and a CAC Reader for accessing you favorite government web portals. 

Until next time .... 

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