Thursday, May 24, 2012

iOS 5.1.1 JailBreak for A5 devices ... almost here

    Its not often I wait for software to be released with any real amount of anticipation. And then there's the forthcoming Absinthe 2.0 that is scheduled to be released in just over ten hours from the time this post was made.

    When I first got my iPhone 4S, I had no intention Jail-breaking it. Oh sure I had read the stories, and even watched a really cool video on YouTube about it. However, as is often the case, things change.

    Let me explain. For the last several years I was an Android Fan-Boy. I really liked all of my Android devices. My personal favorite was the Motorola Droid 2 Global. This was, and still is, a very nice phone. A bit dated perhaps, but still a nice phone. I had that phone all of two days before I rooted it.

    For the Apple people here, Jail-Break is to iOS as Rooting is to Android. Same concept, different devices, so different terminology. That's all. It is essentially the same action, gaining root user privileges on your devices.

    Why would I do this? First, Android comes with a LOT of bloatware. Getting rid of those apps freed up a lot of space on the phone and actually made it faster. Second, I could do anything with the phone I wanted. Anything. Even tether for free.

    And that is why I am waiting for this Jailbreak to be made available. I miss the customization and openness of Android. In fact, this may be my last iPhone. I am considering going back to Android. iPhone just doesn't really meet all my needs, for now.

    I am hoping that with the jailbreak installed I can get my iPhone 4S to the level I need it to operate. Only time will tell. Well time and myself. Once Jailbroken I will post about the experience and the apps I find most useful that Apple inc. says are forbidden. 

    Until next time ... 

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