Thursday, March 8, 2012

Netatalk on Ubuntu 11.10, one last thing to do ...

    In my last post, I gave a nice (at least I thought so) tutorial on Netatalk 2.2.2 on Ubuntu 11.10 so you can share files and even use Apples' very own Time machine for back up.  Since that writing I have found a couple of things. Really, just one, so this post should be a great deal shorter than the last one, but no less important.

    You see, Netatalk (set up from source as we have) will not start itself correctly when the system reboots or start from a cold startup. Don't worry, it is an easy fix. Navigate to the folder /etc/init.d/

Once there, type:
sudu nano netatalk

Near the top you will find a line that starts with "AFPD_UAMLIST=". This is the line that need to be edited. You need to change into Press "Control + O" to write to the files (i.e. save it), and then "Control + X" to exit. You may now reboot your Ubuntu AFP server and it will load Netatalk correctly.

    If you prefer to work on Ubuntu machine from your Mac, install ssh (sudo apt-get install ssh) on to your Ubuntu machine. Then, open a Terminal (Terminal Application is located in the apps-=>utilities folder) on your Mac and type ssh username@ipaddress for a secure login. "username" is the User Name you use to login to your Ubuntu box, and "ipaddress" is the local network ip address of your Ubuntu box.

    If you have already been doing this, but want to use things like gEdit, or other "GUI" tools from your mac, just type "ssh -X username@ipaddress". This will allow to you to do things like sudo gedit netatalk, for another fun way to edit config files. For some people, using a GUI tool is just easier and now you can have your choice.

Until next time...

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