Monday, January 16, 2012


    Camera+ is a $0.99 app in the Apple App-Store, and so far, its great. Combined with the free app, instagram, and you have can convert your iPhone into a powerful way to share quality photo's. Using them both feels kind of like twitter for pictures, and for me at least, it works.

    Take the following, for example:

Testing "Camera+" on iPhone 4S

    This was taken just today during some really high winds and light rain from my back yard patio (Lanai in Hawaii). The app has an entire host of features, more than I probably will ever use. I will however be using it as my "go-to" app for my camera on my phone. 

    If your not sure about using instagram, that is of course up to you. What it is, is a photo sharing site. All are welcome and who knows, you may even get a photo on the "popular" list. 

    I am by no means a professional photographer. If I was I would be using more expensive equipment and spend more time (than I already do) traveling. I have used my share of DSLR camera's and for a while really got into photography. I even looked at developing my own "real film". My issue is the same as most American's, I'm really quiet lazy. 

    I don't want to have to drag a bunch of equipment around with me everywhere I go just to get good pictures. However, I always have my phone with me. With the new 8MP HD Camera on the iPhone 4S and its new "five lens system", my pictures have really never looked so good. 

    Not quiet a SLR, but better than most point-and-shoot camera's, and I know it will be in my pocket when I need it. 

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