Monday, June 27, 2011

First Post ... sort of ...

This is my first post, sort of. A very long time ago I created a blog on and I managed five entire posts before I forgot about it. It wasn't a bad blog, but looking back on it now I have to wonder: What I was thinking? At the time it seemed like a great idea to have a blog. Everyone was doing it.

Since then I have been to war, twice. I have gotten married, once. A lot has changed. I recently started to look back into starting a new blog. At first I was excited about getting my own dot com domain, and I still am in many ways. However, after looking at it really hard for a few days I decided to try another free blog first. To see if I will really stick with it. Good thing I did.

I rediscovered My old blog was still active, and my original five posts where still there. It was amazing looking back at it. Now that I think about it, It has been almost fifteen years since I made that original blog. A long time to change. Sigh ...

Anyway, I deleted it. It was really bad. I hope this one does better. This is the test you see, too see if I have what it takes to be a "blogger" or if I am just looking for yet another way to kill time. So here goes nothing, or something. I guess we'll see.

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